How to take care of the hand-painted natural silk products

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It is best to handwash hand-painted silk or wool products in lukewarm water (30° C).

Use neutral detergents for silk and wool, liquid soap, natural soap or fabric softener.

Do not rub or twist the fabric. This can lead to fiber delamination. In addition, do not soak silk for a long time, add bleaching agents or use powder detergent.

Light tint of water is normal during the first wash. This will not affect the quality of the product.

You can rinse silk and wool items in running water. Squeeze by hand or through a cotton cloth without twisting.

Silk does not require drying. You can immediately iron the garment with a moderately hot iron from the inside.

Following these simple rules will help prolong the life of your product. A shawl or a scarf, dress or stole will serve you for many years.

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