How to choose a scarf?

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A shawl, scarf or stole should be in harmony with the looks. Then it will logically fit into any image, add charm, emphasize advantages and hide flaws.

Before buying a scarf, determine your color type, that is, the combination of natural colors in your appearance – the color of skin, hair, eyes.

Stylists distinguish 4 main color types: winter, spring, summer and fall.

Deep blue, emerald, ruby, fuchsia, white, red will suit naturally eye-catching brunettes of the “winter” color type. When choosing an accessory, you should focus on eye color, choose deep and saturated colors.

Ladies of the “fall” color type have soft tones of hair and skin. When choosing a scarf or stole, they should pay attention to natural shades – brown and chocolate, yellow and gold, red and orange, green and emerald.

Blondes are “summer” color type, which are characterized by tenderness, softness, delicacy in appearance. When choosing an accessory these ladies should consider cool, restrained colors. Blue, turquoise shades would suit perfectly, just like matte silver, smoky gray and pastel.

“Spring” color type ladies- with fair skin and blond hair will look great with both warm and cold palette. But the most winning colors can be terracotta, olive, mustard, beige and light brown, mint, pistachio.

The “Silk Collection” shawls are universal. The front – “satin” – side will give the image a chic and a touch of glamour, and the seamy “matte” – will soften the image and will be a great addition to an everyday look.

In addition, we try to arrange the pattern on the scarf so that, depending on the tying style, a certain color comes upfront. By changing the strength of the knot and its position relative to the pattern, you can create different looks every day, place new color accents and amaze others.


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